3D Model Upload Guide!

All the tools you need to publish your 3D Models.

Basic Checklist:

▪ Cleanup the Mesh. Remove history, reference images, merge verts etc.

▪ Export lots of formats. OBJ, FBX, DAE are the best.

▪ Render 4-10 images minimum (1024x1024px resolution is ideal).

▪ Only include textures once.

▪ Prepare a good description of what's included.

▪ Make a short list of relevant tags.

▪ Make a Zip or Rar archive (Rar is best).

▪ Set the price (5-GBP or over).

Things that lead to Sales:

▪ Original work, designed and modelled by you.

▪ Lots of 3D formats that have been checked.

▪ Bright and clear renders, avoid dark images.

▪ Clean white background to your renders.

▪ Clear descriptions of the content.

▪ Clean meshes, centred and optimised.

▪ Pure quad is ideal, minimse tri's or ngons.

▪ Keep your prices the most competitive on 3DSquirrel.

Things to Avoid:

▪ Branded 3D Models, logo's etc!

▪ 'Work in Progress' 3D Models.

▪ Large, slow images, this is a website!

▪ Missing content, check all formats and textures.

▪ Inaccurate details, double check everything.

▪ Upload and forget. Support your models!

▪ Ripped game or 'freesite' content.

▪ Video or 3D Viewers, use URL's not 'Share' links.

Don't forget:

▪ You will receive an automated email as soon as a sale is confirmed and your credit is awarded instantly.

▪ Our payout request system allows you to transfer credit straight into your PayPal account each month.

▪ Any questions can be posted in our community forum or use support requests for technical help.

▪ 3DSquirrel are fellow 3D Artists and do not ask for exclusivity or restrict 3D Model/Account deletion, you're free.

▪ 3DSquirrel wants to help you sell your unique 3D Models and invest commission in maintaining/upgrading the site. Enjoy!