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Found 1 result

  1. As we count down to New Year it's the perfect time to check those 3D Model prices. Luckily we've made that super easy with our Quick Price Editor. Simply sign in and choose 'My Content' from your account dropdown menu, this will list all your 3d model uploads. Each one has a 'cog' icon in the top left corner, click this and the Quick Price Edit menu pops up. You can change the price in any currency, USD, GBP or Euros. The other currencies change as per today's exchange rate and get rounded up for a tidy display. As a bonus you can also change the 'Cover Image' to another render if you want to. The 'cog' icon is also available in the marketplace categories, it's just easier to see all of your models in 'My Content'. So revise those prices for 2017 without editing the upload items and re-submitting. Have a great,safe and prosperous New Year.