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Found 6 results

  1. Today we've rolled out our new Price Guarantee initiative to ensure our customers get the most competitive price for a model here at 3D Squirrel. What does this mean for customers. Potential customers now have an array of different websites to trawl through usually offering different prices for the same model. This price difference can come in the form of upfront credit, sales & discounts or by making an offer. We want to ensure for our modellers and customers that the best possible price will always be at 3D Squirrel so we're offering to match the lowest price and in addition give the customer an extra discount. All they have to do is contact us with some details of the lower price elsewhere and we'll reduce the model price to match + discount (currently 10%). What does this mean for Modellers? Modeller's selling across multiple sites can often find it too time consuming to adjust prices. One solution is to keep the prices even but this doesn't account for different discounts and promotions by other website operators. We want to make sure every modeller on 3D Squirrel has the chance to increase their sales here and benefit from all the hard work our team puts into promoting their products. A good strategy is to keep your prices at their most competitive on 3D Squirrel to avoid any extra discount, this is an easy process using our quick price edit tool (sign in and use the gridview, click on the 'cog' icon for each model). We feel that by offering our customers a simple solution of a price match and discount they can always rely on 3D Squirrel to deliver the best price possible. As always 3D Squirrel is offering a clear and simple way to promote and sell your models. Our transparent fixed royalty rate was a solid foundation but with increasing choice we need to offer a pricing policy that also reflects and responds to the market. If you have any comments, we welcome your feedback. The Squirrel Team.
  2. As we count down to New Year it's the perfect time to check those 3D Model prices. Luckily we've made that super easy with our Quick Price Editor. Simply sign in and choose 'My Content' from your account dropdown menu, this will list all your 3d model uploads. Each one has a 'cog' icon in the top left corner, click this and the Quick Price Edit menu pops up. You can change the price in any currency, USD, GBP or Euros. The other currencies change as per today's exchange rate and get rounded up for a tidy display. As a bonus you can also change the 'Cover Image' to another render if you want to. The 'cog' icon is also available in the marketplace categories, it's just easier to see all of your models in 'My Content'. So revise those prices for 2017 without editing the upload items and re-submitting. Have a great,safe and prosperous New Year.
  3. After a trial run we have now decided to adjust the minimum price policy to £5 for all submitted 3D Models. We would like to maintain a sensible minimum price to deter under cutting pricing strategies and maintain a high level of model quality in the marketplace.
  4. We have introduced a 'Flag' based currency changer at the top of any page to swap the prices in the marketplace to either GBP, USD or Euro's. You can easily select your preferred currency by clicking on a flag and as a Seller use our 'Quick Price Edit' feature to change your 3D Models prices in your selected currency. You can even upload new models in your selected currency so you don't have to work out the exchange rate. Buyers can check out in any currency but this will be changed to USD on the final Gateway payment page. We now have a minimum price per model of $8 and a Royalty Payment threshold of $20 before Sellers are automatically paid each month. By default, guests and new members will see all prices in USD to reflect our wider audience but UK and European users can now browse with localised pricing. Please note that as our base currency is USD your GBP and EURO prices will fluctuate with the daily exchange rate. If you find any issues with the new system please let us know so we can fix them asap. Cheers, G.
  5. The 'model checklist' was slightly adjusted today by adding a minimum price of $7 for all 'Ground' and 'Tree squirrel' royalty level models. 'Flying squirrel' has a new minimum price of $20. We'll be adjusting the price of any models that fall below this requirement. Let us know if you have any comments.
  6. Hey just another quick topic I would like some insight in... As a fairly new adventure to selling in the 3d market I'm still unsure on pricing my models. I have a rough idea but still think I could be under or over pricing and still being none the wiser! Any tips on this? Thanks