Price Guarantee!

We Won't Be Beaten On Price...


We guarantee that if a 3D model or texture you want to buy is available at another website online we will match that price and give you a further percentage discount (currently 10%). Contact us with a live link or 'offer' from another website and after a quick check we'll reduce the price of the item for you, no coupon codes required. We value your business now and in the future.

CG Artists

Pricing your models can be a time consuming task, especially when they're spread across multiple websites. If you offer your models cheaper elsewhere we will match that price and further reduce it by a percentage (currently 10%). This ensures the customers are protected and rewarded for their interest in your products and 3D Squirrel.

3D Squirrel

We aim to be the most price competitive 3d model marketplace online. We recognise that our customers do have a choice and appreciate it when they use 3D Squirrel. We will match and further discount any product that has a lower price elsewhere. We believe that all 3D Squirrel customers must be confident that we'll give them the most competitive deal.

How it works.

CG artist's are free to set their own prices. As a customer if you find the same product cheaper on another website we will match and further discount to offer the most compelling reason for you to purchase from 3D Squirrel. As a customer you can be confident that your price checking will be rewarded here. If you find a cheaper price or offer for the same product elsewhere (including any 'Sale' discounts or 'Free Credit' offers) all you need to do is contact us (link available at the very bottom of the page) with the product name, website and price offered and we'll do the rest....reducing the 3D Squirrel product price accordingly. We want to ensure that every customer's budget goes as far as possible.