3D Model Buyers - Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods can I use to buy a 3D model?

Our secure checkout system (powered by Stripe) will accept Visa, Mastercard or American Express debit or credit cards.

Will I be able to download a 3D model that I have purchased immediately?

Yes, once your payment has been cleared you will be sent an email confirming that your purchased 3D model is now available for download.

1. Go to the 3D model main page and simply press the 'Download this file' button.



2. To easily manage and download all your purchased 3D Models select 'Store' from the main menu and choose 'Manage Purchases'.

Here you'll find a list of all you purchases.  Select 'Manage' next to any 3D model and then choose 'Download this file'


If I have an issue with a 3D model that I have purchased will I be able to get a refund?

If you have purchased a 3D model that you believe has a functional problem or has been misrepresented by the products screenshots and description we will be happy to discuss the issue with you. Please contact us via our Support system.  If it is agreed that there is clearly something wrong with the 3D model file contents and/or if it has been misrepresented by the artist and this cannot be rectified then a refund will be given. Please see our Refund Policy for further information.

What does it mean if a 3D model is labelled with an Editorial Licence?

If a 3D model is labelled as having an Editorial Licence this means that it can only be used in an editorial manner and may not be used for any commercial, promotional, advertising or merchandising use.    Please see our Licence Agreement for further clarification.

What does it mean if a 3D model is labelled with a General Licence?

If a 3D model is labelled with a General Licence then it may not be sold, given or assigned to another person or entity in the form it is downloaded from this website.  Please see our Licence Agreement for further clarification on how this 3D model can be used.

How do I download FREE 3D Models?

You'll need to create an account.  Once you've signed in you can get access to all our free content.  Don't forget to leave feedback for the artists, even if it's just a 'thanks' :).

How do I make a Support Request?

1. Select 'Support' from the main main and again 'Support' from the dropdown menu.



2. Then click on the 'New Request' button and fill in the popup form. 


This is the quickest way to get support queries answered.