3D Model Sellers - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start selling 3D models in the 3D Squirrel Marketplace?

1. First create an account. Don't forget to validate your account by clicking on the link contained in the validation email that we send to you.



2. Complete your profile information, including your Paypal email address, as we will need this to pay you when you sell your first product.



3. Don't forget to add your Profile Photo and a new feature, a Cover Photo.



4. Start to upload your 3D model files by clicking on the Create>3D Model Upload or the 'Upload a 3D Model' button found in any Category.



5. Drag an Drop multiple files and screenshots with our new slick uploading system.  Don't forget to include a detailed description and plenty of images.



6. Your 3D model will soon be available in the marketplace once it has been approved by our staff.


Will I have to pay the VAT due from the sale of my 3D model?

No, our system will detect whether your buyer is in a country where they are required to pay VAT.  We will then add this VAT to the price you have set and this amount will then be paid through the 'MOSS' system to the relevant tax authority for you by 3D Squirrel.

Do I need to complete any tax forms?

No, you will not be required to complete any tax forms as it is the responsibility of each 3D model seller to pay their own income tax.

Can I set my own prices for my 3D models?

Yes, you can set your own prices.  However, we do have a minimum price policy of £5.

1. You can set the price when submitting or editing your 3D Model.  This will require Admin' approval.



2. You can quickly edit your prices using the 'cog' icon on the category pages.  The 'cog' will only appear on your uploaded models.


Can I edit my 3D models at any time?

Yes, our system will allow you to edit your 3D model files at any time.

Go to your model main page and click on 'File Actions', select 'Edit Details'.


Can I sell my 3D models in other marketplaces too?

Yes, you can sell your 3D models in other marketplaces.  

How will I know when I have sold a 3D model?

We will send you an email as soon as you make a sale to notify you of how much credit has been added to your account.

You can also look at a list of models you have sold by using the main menu.  Go to Support>My Sales for a full list.

If your sales go onto several pages, use the pagination buttons at the bottom of the page to change pages.

What currency is used to sell my 3D models?

The prices in the 3D Squirrel marketplace are currently set at Great British Pounds (GBP) only.  Please ensure that you convert your prices from your usual currency before submitting your files.

How will I get paid when I sell a 3D model?

1. When a customer buys one of your 3D models you will be informed immediately by email.

2. Your 65% 'Royalty' payment will be added to your account.

3. If you wish to withdraw your credit you can click the 'Withdraw Credit' button.



4. Please enter the amount you wish to withdraw and resubmit your PayPal email address.

5. You will then be paid your credit on the 1st day of the calendar month following your request.


Does everybody get the same 'Royalty Rate' when they sell a 3D model?

Yes, every seller will receive a 'Royalty Rate' of 65% from every sale.  

What 'Royalty Rate' will I be paid when I sell my first 3D model?

You will receive a 'Royalty Rate' of 65% of the price that you set for your 3D Model and we will retain 35% as our commission.

How do I download FREE 3D Models?

You'll need to create an account.  Once you've signed in you can get access to all our free content.  Don't forget to leave feedback for the artists, even if it's just a 'thanks' :).

How do I make a Support Request?

1. Select 'Support' from the main main and again 'Support' from the dropdown menu.



2. Then click on the 'New Request' button and fill in the popup form. 


This is the quickest way to get support queries answered.