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3D Squirrel Model Prices

As we count down to New Year it's the perfect time to check those 3D Model prices.  Luckily we've made that super easy with our Quick Price Editor.

Simply sign in and choose 'My Content' from your account dropdown menu, this will list all your 3d model uploads.

Each one has a 'cog' icon in the top left corner, click this and the Quick Price Edit menu pops up.

You can change the price in any currency, USD, GBP or Euros. The other currencies change as per today's exchange rate and get rounded up for a tidy display.

As a bonus you can also change the 'Cover Image' to another render if you want to.

The 'cog' icon is also available in the marketplace categories, it's just easier to see all of your models in 'My Content'.

So revise those prices for 2017 without editing the upload items and re-submitting.

Have a great,safe and prosperous New Year.


Merry Christmas from 3D Squirrel


Christmas ⛄ is almost here so we thought we'd reflect on a year of growth for 3D Squirrel, the challenges and the road ahead.  We'll also mention some of our recent new features...


In January 2016 we launched our new look site which included full control for our Modellers and their content.

All Modellers now get a high percentage for every sale, from day one. Ramped commissions and exclusivity lock-ins were superceded, even as an option.

Modellers were given full control to administer their catalogue of 3D models and their account.

A bold move for 3D squirrel was to insist that only original work by contributing Modellers was acceptable.  We have an ongoing programme to deter branded 3D models and monitor/moderate whenever we find possible issues. We understand that this can exclude our marketplace from accepting a large section of existing models online but would rather drive innovation rather than just duplicate the same content available elsewhere.

We expanded on our own production of 3D models and textures by introducing large ranges of new products.  Our catalogue grew from 4,000 to over 140,000 items.  This huge growth was in part due to uploads from our Members but we also uploaded a substantial selection of our Flexi3D ranges.  After successfully beta testing the Flexi3D configurator through 2016 we're excited to be preparing our new 2017 library.

3D Squirrel is also responding to changes in social interaction in the community.  Our Activity stream introduced soon after the new site was launched helps visitors to see exactly what new content is on the site without having to trawl through forums etc.  Modellers no longer have to post in the Forum to announce a new model uploaded, it's all automatically logged and listed.  The Activity stream has customisable filters so Members can tailor their own streams to particular content types and timelines.

Our most recent feature is the Leaderboard, a list of the most liked models for any given timeline.  Winners are announced at the end of each month introducing a way to show your appreciation for other 3D models in the markeplace.  You can even vote for your own models as a way to bring older uploads you're proud of back into the limelight.

On the technical side 3D Squirrel has now expanded it's Login and Checkout encryption security to include every page on the site.  While not strictly necessary this will ensure your browsers are happy that all content is covered.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support for 3D Squirrel and it's our mission to provide an innovative, safe and confidence inspiring Markeplace for your 3D models and textures.

A very Merry Christmas ? and a Happy New Year ? to all our Customers, Modellers, Contributors and Visitors.