About Us!

What Drives 3DSquirrel...

What we do

With over 30 years experience in digital content design, 3DSquirrel started to provide CG artists and professionals with a marketplace to trade digital assets. We provide a wide category selection of 3D model and texture types to save valuable time for independant or studio projects. 3DSquirrel also produces it's own exclusive ranges alongside our marketplace community content.

How it works

CG artists and professionals of all levels upload their digital content for sale on the marketplace. 3D models and textures are usually sold at a fraction of the price it would cost to produce manually, saving invaluable time and money on any project. Our sellers price their own content to provide a competitive environment and also provide support in addition to 3DSquirrel for piece of mind.

Who we're for

Ready made digital assets can benefit just about any project that uses 3D models or textures to realise a vision. Film, TV, online media, gaming, architecture, engineering, advertising etc. It's a long and growing list of industries that can realise the time and cost benefits of instant content downloads to meet their deadlines. Whether you're a studio, indie developer, hobbyist or student, 3DSquirrel is there for you.

Who are 3DSquirrel?

3DSquirrel went live online in November 2012. We're a UK Limited Company based in the South of England. Our team has a deep well of experience in CG asset creation as well as in computer animation, architectural visualisation, marketing and online development. We provide an online marketplace but also create content, producing huge ranges of 3D models and textures. We're connected with an extensive network of CG professionals and companies, serving customers globally.