A group of 4x 3D Model trees. 1x large tree called Forest J, 2x medium trees called Wood J & Wood T and a small small tree called Sapling J. Created using quad polygon topology with a medium to high polygon quota.

What to expect:

A pure quad polygon mesh.
All polygons are UV mapped.
Leaf UV's share the same space for easy texturing.
All trees use the same UV technique so varied texturing is a breeze.
4x trees provided as separate meshes.
Cleaned geometry with no history or transformation issues.
Polygon count for these trees range from 10's to 100's of thousands depending on the tree size and canopy density.
The Grass fur is for illustration purposes only.

Additional Free Features:

Textures are included for easy material assembly in your favourite application using .png format:
(The Texture folder can be found in the a01-a10 download file.)

Bark colour, displacement, normal, occlusion, specular 512x512px
Leaf colour, displacement, normal, occlusion, specular 256x256px
Dirt colour, bump 2048x2048px
Grass colour 1024x1024px

Parts code: 10101010

Made available exclusively by 3DSquirrel.co.uk

(Note: This is a 3D Artist's representation delivered as a computer file, NOT a real world item!)

This 3D Model is sold under the Terms: General Licence. Please read our Licence Agreement for permitted uses HERE.