A 3D Model Tide Conference Table supported by a chromed Bridge design base, a standard socket accessory and a group of designer ergonomic staff chairs using subdivisional topology.

What to expect:

A pure quad polygon mesh.
Polygon count for this category is circa the 30-110k range.
Cleaned geometry with no history or transformation issues.
Flexi3D component parts are provided as separate meshes.
All polygons are UV mapped.

Additional Free Features:

Texture maps 1024x1024px (.png or .jpeg) including:

10x Wood style colour diffuse map options.
1x Chrome/metal bump map.
1x Leather bump map.
1x Rubber bump map (512x512px)

Parts code: 06051020

Made available exclusively by 3DSquirrel.co.uk

(Note: This is a 3D Artist's representation delivered as a computer file, NOT a real world item!)

This 3D Model is sold under the Terms: General Licence. Please read our Licence Agreement for permitted uses HERE.