Substance Texture 2 Pack. This royalty free 3D model or texture is available for download now!

(NOTE! These are only in .sbs and .sbsar formats! You need to open them in Unity, Unreal, any other supported game engine or Substance Designer itself)
Create hundreds of different realistic floor tiles with these two substance files. Why not walls too while you're at it!
Works beautifully with Unity 5 and Unreal 4.
I've exposed a lot of key parameters so you can tweak the texture to your liking.
Tweakable parameters include:
- Tile amount (x,y)
- Tile luminance variation (some tiles darker than others)
- Surface cracks
- Edge cracks level
- Base surface roughness/shininess
- Color (with hue, saturation etc.)
- I've also added the option to create puddles and moisture that can be controlled or turned on/off completely.
Drop these babies in your game engine of choice and you're good to go!
Both .sbs and .sbsar available, so if you have Substance designer yourself feel free to dive into the graphs yourself.

Category: Texture Map Packs
Keywords: tile, brick, floor, wall, ceramic, tiling, substance, game, gaming, 3d, ID-20348

Note: This is a 3D Artist's representation delivered as a computer file, NOT a real world, physical product! All screenshots are for illustrative purposes only unless stated otherwise in the description.

This product is sold under the Terms: General Licence. Please read our Licence Agreement for permitted uses HERE.


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