Dice Free. This royalty free 3D model or texture is available for download now!

3D Model of realistic Dice. This is midpoly model with minimal polygon (44136 polys), clean geometry and nice surface flow. Perfect for adding detail and realism to your rendering projects.

Originally modeled in 3DS Max 2009, but i have included the multiple formats (OBJ, FBX and 3DS).

Category: Free 3D Models - General
Keywords: dice, gamble, game, money, play, plays, poker, toys, vegas, ID-159645

Note: This is a 3D Artist's representation delivered as a computer file, NOT a real world, physical product! All screenshots are for illustrative purposes only unless stated otherwise in the description.

This product is sold under the Terms: General Licence. Please read our Licence Agreement for permitted uses HERE.


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