Sci Fi City Alpha Textures Set 5 Complete Collection. This royalty free 3D model or texture is available for download now!

This is a complete collection of sci-fi textures from the City Alpha Set 5.

Included are 400 unique textures...

● 100x 1K (1024x1024px) seamless & tileable.
● 100x 1K (1024x1024px) none-tiling.
● 100x 2k (2048x2028px) seamless & tileable.
● 100x 4k (4096x4096) seamless & tileable.

* IMPORTANT, All textures are unique so these sets are not just scaled versions. They have all been individually created and tiled if required.

The designs use a nurnie or greeble 3D Model plan to create a unique and intricate cityscape for a futuristic environment.
They could also be used for hull panelling etc, for your science fiction scene.
The none-tiling set allows for larger scale structures within the image dimensions.
The seamless, tiled versions allow an artist to paint freely without encountering obvious borders.
These textures and others in the set are designed to use a mid-range of grey tones to allow an artist some flexibiility when changing levels.
There are no obvious shadows only subtle ambient occlusion to enhance the sense of depth.
Each set in the City Alpha range has a different degree of depth so you can paint your own cityscapes.

● None-tiling for larger scale structures.
● Seamless, tiled textures allow for easy 2D & 3D area coverage.
● Mid-tone to allow for flexibility when changing levels.
● Part of a huge range of City Alpha Texture Sets to build your own unique maps.
● No hard shadows, only ambient lighting.
● 100% quality JPG format (The 3DSquirrel watermark is removed for purchasers).
● A massive saving on buying these textures or collections individually.

As a 3DSquirrel item this product has our full support.

Category: Sci-Fi City Alpha Collections
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