Seamless Gold Coins Texture. This royalty free 3D model or texture is available for download now!

This texture consists of a single seamless gold coin material, complete with all the texture maps needed for use in standard video game engines, including Unity 4 and Unity 5, Unreal Development Kit and Unreal Editor 4, Marmoset Toolbag, and any other rendering system (including third-party shader frameworks) which uses the map types provided here. Textures are compatible with physically-based rendering (PBR) and non-PBR shader systems.

This pack contains the following 1024x1024 texture maps:

  1. Normal map with Y+ swizzle (for Unity4 materials/OpenGL rendering)
  2. Normal map with Y- swizzle (for Unity5 materials/DirectX rendering)
  3. Gloss map
  4. Ambient Occlusion map (for Unity5 Standard material)
  5. Roughness map
  6. Metalness map
  7. Height map (for Unity5 Standard material)
  8. Diffuse map with Gloss alpha channel (Unity4 materials)
  9. Specular map with Gloss alpha channel (Unity5 Standard material)

This pack does not come with any related 3D models.

Category: Texture Map Packs
Keywords: polyspawn, gold, coins, tile, seamless, pbr, game, engine, realtime, ID-13409

Note: This is a 3D Artist's representation delivered as a computer file, NOT a real world, physical product! All screenshots are for illustrative purposes only unless stated otherwise in the description.

This product is sold under the Terms: General Licence. Please read our Licence Agreement for permitted uses HERE.


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